Snow & Ice

A leader in the Snow Industry, WLF has been ranked among the Top 100 Snow Contractors in North America for the last ten years.

Each season WLF manages millions of square feet of public and private property. Our experienced Snow Team is equipped with experience, diligence, and equipment.

Snow services are something that are ongoing throughout the year at WLF. Pre-season prep begins long before the first snow fall. Servicing and prepping equipment, pre-season meetings with clients, pre-season inspections and team meetings are all part of the comprehensive package? That comes with WLF.

On call 24/7, WLF hauls salt all over New England for its clients.

Snow & Ice Capabilities

  • Snow removal
  • Snow hauling and disposal
  • Snow disposal operation
  • De-icing applications emergency, pre and post storm
  • Bulk winter road salt and de-icing materials distributor
  • 24/7 real time, snow management services
  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Boston’s most professional snow removal team
  • Skilled snow equipment mechanics performing routine maintenance checks
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art snow removal equipment and technology