Soil Management

As a licensed hazardous waste transporter, W. L. French is our region’s leader in soil management and disposal providing our clients a broad range of services.

Our Soil Management Capabilities

Preparation of:

  • Regulated soils
  • RCRA hazardous waste
  • Non-RCRA hazardous waste and municipal waste streams
  • Asbestsos containing soils
  • Non-hazardous regulated materials

  • Soil Management Plans
  • Permitting & Waste Manifests
  • Disposal Packages
  • Large Scale Transportation and Disposal scheduling
  • Transportation Division and Operation bolstered by over 130 tractor trailer trucks hauling throughout New England daily

Transportation and Disposal of Soil and Waste Materials

Our experienced and specialized project management staff manages and supervises loading, manifesting, permitting, scaling, soil and waste characterization, transportation and disposal of over 2.2 million tons of waste and soil a year.

Soil Reuse and Disposal Sites

W. L. French was one of the first disposal firms in Massachusetts to receive an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) from MassDEP. Today, we operate two ACO MassDEP facilities that accept excavated soils from projects throughout New England.

W. L. French operates and manages its own disposal facilities for unregulated soils in Massachusetts and was the first company in the State of Massachusetts granted an Administrative Consent order through the MassDEP opening the St. Mary’s Cemetery soil reuse facility in 2013.

Today, W. L. French oversees two additional facilities; The Dudley Soil Reclamation Project in Dudley, MA and The Fish Road Soil Reclamation Project also in Dudley, MA with a combined total in excess of 5 Million tons of airspace.

Municipal Waste Streams

W. L. French offers a range of integrated services to a number of municipalities in Massachusetts and Connecticut. These communities receive customized, cost-efficient transportation and waste-management solutions delivered with experience, professionalism and strong customer service.

The proof is in our numbers...

Each year, we transport and dispose of 2.2 million tons of impacted soils, ACM and other waste streams

Every day, we manage 10,000 tons of excavated urban soils and waste

Partnering with Major Landfills

W. L. French has differentiated itself in the disposal market by acquiring airspace with many of the northeast’s largest landfills and waste management firms allowing us to translate cost-effective disposal pricing for all of our clients.

Additionally, W. L. French has operated local municipal landfills such as the City of Haverhill, Fox Run, Rowe, ET&L

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