Winchendon Landfill

Fish Road Reclamation Project
October 24, 2022
Dudley Reclamation Facility
October 24, 2022

Winchendon Landfill is located at 580 River Street in Winchendon, MA, accepting COMM-97 Unlined Landfill grading and shaping materials.


W. L. French acquired the Winchendon Landfill in 2021. The landfill is located at 580 River Street, situated on a 14-acre portion of the 88-acre property. W. L. French is performing closure activities on the landfill, including the installation of a permanent cap. As part of the capping project, the site has been permitted by MassDEP to accept up to 800,000 tons of COMM-97 unlined landfill grading and shaping materials.

Winchendon Soil Submission Forms