Boynton Yards

Klarman Hall at Harvard Business School
December 19, 2019

"Boynton Yards, a 3.5-acre site, is located adjacent to cultural amenities at Somerville's Union Square and Cambridge's Inman Square, and less than one mile from Kendall Square, the epicenter of the biotech/life science industry. The mass excavation/building footprint is 118 ft. wide, 239 ft. long and has a depth that is on average between 33 and 38 ft., with the maximum depth being 43 ft."

Source: Construction Equipment Guide

W. L. French, as a subcontractor, has played a key role. In addition to excavating the hole, it is installing the infrastructure for water, drainage, sewer, electrical and telecommunications, as well as the restoration of the road, putting in curb and sidewalks. The utility infrastructure work had only started when the COVID-19 situation had all non-essential work sites shut down by the state in March. The majority of the road work, including curb and sidewalks, will be done in Spring 2021. "This was a slurry wall project due to the depth of the excavation," said Andre Gugliotta, W. L. French's senior project manager. "The foundation footings are completed and the underground utilities — plumbing, electrical and the drainage system — are under the slab.'

"The project was progressing slightly ahead of schedule prior to the COVID-19 construction ban, so I would say the team has done a great job thus far," he said. "Some of the major challenges looking forward is having to work through the COVID-19 pandemic and the new work environment. We have implemented a robust COVID-19 response plan that will address these challenges. Overall, we continue to look for potential problems and have solutions ahead of time. I expect the steel erection and concrete deck pours to be executed as planned."

Ludger Bain, Shawmut's senior project manager